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Photo sugar

These articles are all highly relevant Photo sugar. I believe this information can help you understand Photo sugar's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • New edible film for photo sugar, starry lollipop
    The edible packaging film we are talking about is a kind of natural edible biomacromolecules as the main matrix, supplemented by food additives, etc., through a certain treatment process, the interaction between the film-forming agent molecules and after drying A dense film with a certain mechanical properties and a porous network structure selected for permeability. At present, the main edible film products in China are glutinous rice paper and frosting paper. Strictly speaking, it cannot be called paper. In fact, the city has an edible film, which is transparent and tasteless. It is usually packaged in A4 size and directly wrapped in candy, cake or medicine. Above, can be eaten directly. From the domestic and international situation, there are several problems in the study of edible film: insufficient mechanical strength; poor heat sealability; poor water resistance; poor bacteriostasis. Due to the narrow adaptation surface of the edible film and the high cost, the high-end edible film is mostly imported, the domestic manufacturers are few, and the quality is not guaranteed. Only the breakthrough in technology can open the edible
  • New edible film material, candy film photo sugar
    The environment is the foundation upon which we and all living things in nature depend. It is the unshirkable responsibility of every enterprise and every citizen to protect the earth, maintain the ecology and protect the environment. In order to improve food safety and reduce environmental pollution, Haiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed a series of edible hydrophilic membranes, edible hydrophobic membranes, edible functional composite packaging membranes, etc. The food industry provides a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly packaging solution. In the future, people will pay more and more attention to the degree of biodegradable green packaging materials. The edible film is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable new packaging material based on edible biomacromolecules and their derivatives. Improve food safety and reduce environmental pollution. Currently widely used in starry lollipops, digital cakes, photo sugar, beverage decorative tablets, instant bags and so on. Print all kinds of creative patterns through edible inks, safe and healthy, green and environmentally friendly
  • Biofilm material cake decorative film, opening a new era of food beauty
    With the rapid development of the economy, the Chinese have a hunger-and-taste aesthetic. How many products and designs that “can’t bear to look straight” are ruining our lives. The esthetician Zhang Shiying said: "Life has four realms: wanting the realm, seeking knowledge, moral realm, and aesthetic realm. Aesthetics is the highest realm." With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for personalized customization has increased dramatically. Aesthetic power becomes the core competitiveness of a company. In the food field, how to bring more attractive and valuable products to consumers is the top priority for enterprises. The emergence of edible film materials has brought to the industry the tools and solutions to create beauty. The new edible film material has become a hot-selling photo sugar and starry lollipop inner printing material with good mechanical properties and superior color. It uses edible ink to add colorful creative patterns to the products and enhance the products. additional value. The film is easy to prepare on an industrial scale and can be made into a film and food.
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