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Cake decoration applications

The emergence of digital cakes and photo cakes provides a rich creative solution for personalized products in the cake shop. Hajiya's frosting paper has higher mechanical properties and softer taste than ordinary glutinous rice paper. It is a high-end icing paper produced in China. The industrial plant of Haijiya meets the large production needs of customers and provides printing services through edible ink or ink. Precise cutting service, meticulous packaging service, directly tear the underlying film when used, and spread it on the cream layer of the cake. All types of cream are suitable. Improve product quality and increase product interest.

Creative ideas

 Print LOGO, grab festivals, do activities, and promote the best plan for advertising;
 Wedding cake series, business opportunities not to be missed in the wedding market;
 Cute cartoon patterns that lock in the core consumer groups;
 Birthday creative cake, personal photo printing, love bean photo, film and television surrounding pattern printing, creativity is not limited.
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