Biofilm material cake decorative film, opening a new era of food beauty
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Biofilm material cake decorative film, opening a new era of food beauty

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With the rapid development of the economy, the Chinese have a hunger-and-taste aesthetic. How many products and designs that “can’t bear to look straight” are ruining our lives. The esthetician Zhang Shiying said: "Life has four realms: wanting the realm, seeking knowledge, moral realm, and aesthetic realm. Aesthetics is the highest realm." With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for personalized customization has increased dramatically. Aesthetic power becomes the core competitiveness of a company.

In the food field, how to bring more attractive and valuable products to consumers is the top priority for enterprises. The emergence of edible film materials has brought to the industry the tools and solutions to create beauty. The new edible film material has become a hot-selling photo sugar and starry lollipop inner printing material with good mechanical properties and superior color. It uses edible ink to add colorful creative patterns to the products and enhance the products. additional value.

The film is easy to prepare on an industrial scale, and can be used as a carrier for film, oral film, frosting paper, candy film, photo sugar, starry lollipop, cake decorative film printing or printing process, and is applied to food and health care. Food, medical equipment and other fields have great commercial value. In the era of valuation, how much value is brought to consumers and become a new elimination rule. Good creativity requires a good carrying tool, the emergence of edible film, is a product of creative printing, a tool to create beauty, creativity anytime, anywhere, popular freedom to control.

Life is not black or white, it can be very colorful, very artisticSurgery. Create, meet a good life.

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