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Edible Markers

The Markcare® edible ink markers are made by edible in and pharmaceutical grade pen container. The edible ink can be directly drawn on food for decoration or kids' graffiti. It meets FDA, ISO22000 standards, and tested by Intertek Third-party Test Center, which is safe to eat.

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  • WB212

  • Markcare

 markcare edible marker details


1. Stability: Do not fading when writing, smooth writing, not easy to dry, long preservation time.  

2. Clean easily: Easy to wash with water, and fading when rubbed by hand.
3. Safe and environmentally-friendly: The pen components are made from pharmaceutical auxiliary materials; The edible ink is food-grade and can be directly draw on food to eat. It meets FDA, ISO22000 standards, and tested by Intertek Third-party Testing Center.
4. Rich color: 6 regular colors (black, yellow, magenta, cyan, green, purple) and customized colors.  

     edible ink pens comparison_sinojoinsun


Types and customized services:

We support customized services of pen size, tip size, colors, pen shape, Logo, label, and packaging, according to your requirements.

colors sinojoinsun


Standard packing:

6 pieces/set(opp bag), 100sets/carton

Carton size: 28*35*25cm; 6kg weight




No smell, no mildew, no visible foreign impurities


Difference from the chrominance sample E≤3



Writing effect

Similar as the sample

Intermittent writing effect

Writing effect same as the sample after 60℃ exposure intermittent 4hours

Color fastness to light

≥2 grade

Resistance to cold

-20cC-room temperature can be written normally, with good reducibility

Degree of diffusion



40±1℃ sealed 120h keep stability

Heavy metal(mg/kg)


Arsenic salt (mg/kg)


Microbial limit


Mould and yeasts(≤100cfu)

Escherichia coli(None)


Washing performance

Easily washing by water

Packing specification

2g/pcs*6 color


Sealed and kept in the cool and dry conditions


Product Application:

The Edible Marker can darwing on the suger frosting biscuits, sugar cakes, macaroons and other baked products.

The Edible Marker is suitable for kids' graffiti, DIY Easter Eggs, and food decorations, which can form the effect of a variety of color collocation and add unlimited pleasure to food and children's toys.

It is perfect for Company Christmas gifts, Bayker house celebration gifts, kindergarten's gifts and so on.



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