PGLA Medical Absorbable Suture Material
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PGLA Medical Absorbable Suture Material

PGLA is one of the most valuable and promising biomedical materials. It is obtained by copolymerizing glycolide and lactide in different proportions. The processed fibers have good biocompatibility, no tissue response to the human body and good degradability (the degradation products are carbon dioxide and water).

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The surgical suture made of this fiber overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional catgut short absorption period, the synthetic fiber suture cannot be decomposed in the body, and the human body rejects the shortcomings. It does not need to be removed after surgery, and is especially suitable for the suture of internal wounds, such as liver , spleen, gastrointestinal anastomosis, obstetrics and gynecology, fascia suture and plastic surgery, ophthalmology, microsurgery and general surgery. Therefore, the product has an important position and good social benefits in the field of modern clinical medicine. It is currently widely used in the medical field, such as disposable infusion sets, free surgical sutures; drug controlled release and sustained release packaging; tissue engineering scaffolds, bone fixation and bone repair materials, microcapsules for injection, microspheres, embedded Implants and animal organ support elastomers and other materials.

  • High tensile strength: The tensile strength is maintained for more than 5-7 days for wound healing, and its knotting strength is much higher than that of catgut, providing safety for patients

  • Long-lasting strength retention: PGLA retains about 76% of its strength for 2 weeks after implantation, and about 50% for 3 weeks.

  • High rate of absorption: PGLA disappeared after 40 days of implantation, and was almost completely absorbed within 70 days.

  • Good flexibility: PGLA has good flexibility, which is beneficial to suture wounds and other purposes.

Intrinsic viscosity
Viscosity Average Molecular Weight
Number average molecular weight
Glass transition temperature
Melting point
Residual monomer
Remaining solvent
Heavy metal
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