Decorative film brings new opportunities to the baking industry
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Decorative film brings new opportunities to the baking industry

Views: 9     Author: Hagia     Publish Time: 2022-05-05      Origin: Hagia

The new edible film developed by Haigia, edible sugar paper, chocolate transfer film, in line with food safety production standards, with FDA certification and third-party testing reports, safe and secure. Used in baking industry stores and production plants, used to make white chocolate decoration, cake inserts, digital cakes, photo sugar, starry lollipops, etc., to help the baking companies to achieve consumer customization, personalized needs, is widely recognized.


The emergence of new edible film has upgraded the edible printing materials of the frosting paper users in the baking industry. The fusion of the product and the cream is higher, the mechanical properties are better, the printing is clearer, the color is more beautiful, and the picture does not fade for a long time. It is the baking industry. The ideal sheet for edible printing.

Wuhan Hajiiya Biotechnology Co., Ltd. production workshop in the beautiful Chibi, select domestic and foreign well-known brand raw materials, advanced production technology, product quality is stable and reliable. Provide integrated printing and cutting services, and the products are easy to use in the hands of customers. Domestic delivery, no import, no waiting, higher cost performance.

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