An edible film that can be eaten, a cupcake cake decorative film
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An edible film that can be eaten, a cupcake cake decorative film

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The edible packaging film we are talking about is a kind of natural edible biomacromolecules as the main matrix, supplemented by food additives, etc., through a certain treatment process, the interaction between the film-forming agent molecules and after drying A dense film with a certain mechanical properties and a porous network structure selected for permeability.

Cupcake decorative film

At present, the main edible film products in China are glutinous rice paper and frosting paper. Strictly speaking, it cannot be called paper. In fact, the city has an edible film, which is transparent and tasteless. It is usually packaged in A4 size and directly wrapped in candy, cake or medicine. Above, can be eaten directly. From the domestic and international situation, there are several problems in the study of edible film: insufficient mechanical strength; poor heat sealability; poor water resistance; poor bacteriostasis. Due to the narrow adaptation surface of the edible film and the high cost, the high-end edible film is mostly imported, the domestic manufacturers are few, and the quality is not guaranteed. Only technological breakthroughs can open up the application market for edible film materials and tap its huge potential value in business.

Wuhan Haijiya is committed to the research of edible film materials, and has developed a new high-end film material with high mechanical strength, good heat sealability, strong barrier property and printability, which replaces the ordinary plastic packaging on the market. The products mainly include oral soluble film, edible film, high-end frosting paper, cake decoration edible film, photo sugar, starry lollipop, cling film, packaging film, etc., dedicated to edible film in food and medicinal field R & D and promotion, industrial production plants, professional R & D team to provide customers with customized diaphragm services to meet the individual needs of customers.

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