What is the application of chocolate transfer sheet?
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What is the application of chocolate transfer sheet?

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How to make chocolate color printing more convenient and fast, the pattern is high-definition aesthetic, which is from chocolate production and processing, chocolate raw materials, chocolate cake decorations, dessert shops, Internet chocolate sales and other customers, put forward new requirements for our food printing technology.

The industry knows that the surface of chocolate is smooth, through edible ink direct jet printing, ink can not dry, pattern can not be attached, rubbing easy to blur, so the traditional chocolate printing mainly uses pad printing or transfer printing, but these methods often have a single color, monotonous pattern, resulting in low product grade.

In order to break through the technical barriers of chocolate printing, we have specially developed a chocolate transfer film that enables food to be easily printed with patterns, thereby giving food a personalized and colorful pattern. It provides a powerful innovation tool for food production and sales enterprises.

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