What can the edible film be used for?
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What can the edible film be used for?

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Candy diaphragm provides personalized creative food image printing services for DIY customers, cake shops, dessert shops, food factories, leisure clubs, pastry schools, candy factories, with a wide range of applications, safe and edible.

Cake app:

Place the printed candy flap directly on the cream, and within an hour it will become part of the cream. Pictures can be pasted vertically, such as on the cream wall of a cake or on the periphery of the cake.


Chocolate application:

Cooperate with the mold and process, first put the cut cream paper pattern into the mold, and then pour the hot chocolate slurry; Or pour the hot chocolate paste into the mold first, before the chocolate paste is solidified, put the cut cream paper pattern on the chocolate surface, the image will sink until it is cut with the chocolate paste, with a very good embedding effect, we prepare the chocolate flavored, sweetened, cream white icing paper.


Frosting cookie application:

The theme of custom printed candy diaphragm on the candy cookies, unique personality of the frosting cookies can attract young people's eyes, mainly suitable for baking shops, pastry schools, bakery, and other innovative enterprises.


Cupcake app:

Cupcakes is bakery products sell like hot cakes, the single product modeling, decorated with fruits and chocolate cost is high, the adornment of edible film printing plate, printing various topics of cartoon images, birthday cake, blessing words, etc., can promote the interest of the product, to meet the personalized needs of consumers, also can provide customized services.


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