What Is The Use of Wafer Paper?
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What Is The Use of Wafer Paper?

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Wafer paper, also known as cream paper, is a light, crisp dessert ingredient. Not only can it be used to make wafers, but it can also be used to decorate cakes and add color to sweet birthday parties. In the field of cake decoration, wafer paper is increasingly favored by baking enthusiasts and professional chefs with its unique taste and rich colors. In recent years, with the continuous development of food science and technology, edible ink came into being, which has brought new possibilities for wafer paper cake decoration. This article will show you how to decorate a cake using edible ink printed wafer paper.

1. The origin and characteristics of wafer paper

Wafer paper originated in Europe at the end of the 19th century as a paper container used to fill cakes and pastries. Later, it was discovered that the paper containers became crispy during baking, and they began to be used as part of the dessert itself. Wafer paper is characterized by its light texture and crisp taste, while being very malleable and can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.

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2. wafer paper cake decoration method -- wafer paper butterfly

Design pattern: First, you need to design the print pattern of the wafer paper. You can use computer design software, such as PS, AI, etc., to design your favorite patterns.

Buy edible ink: Choose our company's edible ink Jetcare®, our edible ink is Kosher and Halal certified, it is safe and healthy.

Print wafer paper: Place wafer paper on the printer tray, set the printer parameters, and print with edible ink. Here, you can also print with our Foodart® food printers, which are CE and CQC certified and fully meet the requirements of food production. During the printing process, please keep the wafer paper flat so as not to affect the printing effect.

Finally, the wafer paper is cut into a butterfly shape and then bonded with chocolate or cream. Make a variety of colors of wafer paper butterflies, placed on the cake, as if a real butterfly flying, to add romantic atmosphere for the birthday party.

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3. wafer paper cake decoration precautions

Quality of wafer paper: Choose a wafer paper with good texture and crisp taste to ensure the decorative effect and taste of the cake, and our wafer paper can meet these needs.

Storage of wafer paper: Unused wafer paper should be stored in a sealed bag to avoid moisture. After decorating, the cake should be kept in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

In short, wafer paper, as a unique dessert adjuvant, can not only increase the taste level of the cake, but also add color to the cake decoration. Master the methods and precautions of wafer paper cake decoration, and you can become an excellent baking artist. In this sweet time, let's use wafer paper to add joy to the birthday party!

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