Something You Should Know about Edible Ink.
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Something You Should Know about Edible Ink.

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Edible ink, as the name suggests, is a type of ink that can be consumed and is commonly used to print edible patterns on food, such as cakes, cookies, etc. This type of ink is mostly made from food grade raw materials to ensure that it does not affect the safety of food during the printing process. Here are some introductions and usage methods about edible ink:


1. Ingredients: The main components of edible ink include water and food grade dyes, which meet food safety standards and will not pose a threat to human health.

2. Usage: Mainly used for printing edible patterns, labels, etc., to make food more personalized and marketing attractive.

3. Safety: Due to its ingredients meeting the requirements of food contact materials, the printed food can be consumed directly without the need for cleaning.


1. Selection of printer: A dedicated food printer is required, which can adapt to the special properties of ink, and the material and regulations of the printer can also ensure the safety of printed food. Our food printer meets all the regulations required for food printing and can be purchased and used with confidence.

2. Ink preparation: Before use, please ensure that the ink bottle mouth is clean to avoid contaminating the ink.

3. Printing settings: Adjust the printer settings based on the characteristics of the printer and ink, such as ink flow rate, printing speed, etc.

4. Start printing: Place the food to be printed on the platform of the printer and follow the instructions of the food printer.

5. Post printing processing: After printing is completed, let the ink naturally dry on the surface of the food, which usually takes a few minutes. Dried ink can be consumed with food.

matters needing attention

1. Storage: Ink should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, to extend its shelf life.


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