Showcased innovative food printing technology at Vietnam in CTIN.
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Showcased innovative food printing technology at Vietnam in CTIN.

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Kornnac’s partner company Sinojoinsun showcased innovative food printing technology at Vietnam in CTIN.

Recently, Sinojoinsun participated in the industrial exhibition held in Vietnam, showcasing its leading food printing technology, which attracted the attention of many industry insiders in Vietnam and neighboring countries.

Sinojoinsun, mainly committed to the development and production of food printers, icing sheet, wafer paper, chocolate transfer sheet, edible ink and edible markers. At CTIN, Sinojoinsun exhibited samples printed by its newly developed food printer, which is capable of printing various food ingredients into various patterns and shapes. Sinojoinsun also brought related products such as edible pens, edible papers, edible inks and coffee printer machines. We were on hand to show you how to print on coffee. This can lead to a new and customized production method for the food industry.

Sinojoinsun's food printers can be used not only to make personalized desserts, cakes and other foods, but also to medicine, beauty and other fields, with a wide range of application prospects. At the exhibition, the staff of Sinojoinsun demonstrated the operation process of the food printer on the spot, which aroused the strong interest of the audience.

Vietnam Industrial Exhibition is the first international exhibition in Vietnam that Sinojoinsun has participated in, and the company said that participating in this exhibition will help enhance the company's visibility in the Vietnamese market and find more partners. Sinojoinsun hopes to take advantage of the opportunity of this exhibition to introduce advanced food printing technology into the Vietnamese market and bring new development opportunities to the food industry in Vietnam and neighboring countries.

The exhibition was successfully held, and the coffee printer received a local welcome, which is a positive news. Vietnam is a fast-growing market with a growing demand for a wide range of products and services, including high-quality lifestyle items such as coffee printers.

The fair provides an opportunity for companies from all over the world to showcase their innovative products and technologies, as well as a platform to make new contacts and expand their markets. The popularity of coffee printers in the local area shows the pursuit of high-quality coffee culture and the yearning for a modern lifestyle among Vietnamese consumers.

For exhibiting businesses, this is a sign of success that their products and services are in line with the needs of the local market. At the same time, it may also indicate the potential to further expand the business and brand presence in the Vietnamese market.

In general, the smooth holding of the Vietnam exhibition and the popularity of coffee printers not only reflect the vitality and potential of the Vietnamese market, but also demonstrate the competitiveness and innovation ability of the food printing industry in the world. Wish Sinojoinsun to make greater breakthroughs in the future development and bring more innovation to the global food industry.

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