How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets?
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How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

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chocolate transfer sheet

Does the monochrome of chocolate always make you want you to add a pattern to it? Or you may run a dessert industry and want to sell chocolates with colorful patterns or brand logo. Even you just want to decorate your own chocolate as a kind of interesting experience from home. No matter what your intention, I think you only need an "magic tool"-chocolate transfer sheet, which can help you decorate the surface of your chocolate with any design you want.

How to use chocolate transfer sheets?

So how does the chocolate transfer sheet achieve this role?
First of all, you must have a blank edible transfer sheet provided by us, and then you can print the required patterns on the transfer sheet by an edible inkjet printer such as epson or canon.Or we can provide customization service to directly print the transfer sheets according your needs of patterns.

There is no doubt that these patterns will be absolutely high-definition and brightly colored. And you can be assured that the edible inks we provide for you are absolutely up to market standards.

Your personalized edible transfer sheet can be applied to a few decoration solutions, like cake topper, meringue, chocolate lollipop and some other bakery food.

  meringue cake topper

The following video is to teach you how to use chocolate transfer sheet to make cake toppers.

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