Edible Markers Open Your Wings of Imagination
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Edible Markers Open Your Wings of Imagination

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微信截图_20230602093748You ever think about painting some patterns or just some meaningless free lines on your favorite food and still eat it? 

That is amazing, isn' t it? Just like you create your exclusive food by your hands, finishing a design belong to yourself.


That’s really achievable if you use our edible pens. They contain three types: 6-color packaged, 12- color packaged and dual tip markers packaged. We also provide customization service when you think 6 or 12 colors are not enough for you. Just tell us colors you want, we must satisfy you.


Our edible marker is infused with edible ink, meeting FDA, and it’s definitely safe to human body.

Compared with edible pens of other brands, our edible markers’ ink adhesion is great and drying rate is really fast. More importantly, it is applied to draw on oily food, silicone pad or glossy object. That’s to say, our edible markers can be used on most food.


Especially, if you have children home, an edible marker is also a great solution for them to graffiti in their spare time and inspire the perception in creating, designing, innovating and brainstorming. In addition, due to it is edible, you do no need to worry security problem.

It can be used for sugar frosting biscuit, macaron, cookie and other food, also for paper tableware.

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