Drink topper, a secret weapon to help tea drinking companies sell up
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Drink topper, a secret weapon to help tea drinking companies sell up

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The ritual of life needs to be filled with a drink topper.

Drink topper, also known as beverage decoration tablet, prints edible patterns on the candy film, which can be used for coffee, milk tea, milk, juice, beer and other drinks to add a full sense of ritual to the drink.

The creativity and diversity of Wuhan Hescare Biotechnology are all based on sustainable development and food safety. The beverage drink topper we launched provide a new track for various tea light food enterprises to optimize product iteration and increase sales: the collision of beverage drink topper and drinks can satisfy consumers' infinite imagination of drinks and stimulate purchasing behavior.

In terms of types, the color of the beverage float lets people pick the eye, there are brilliant colorful "petals", it seems to have a thick flower aroma, and the mood also follows the colorful; With the cool fashion elements of Generation Z, holding a glass with a drink float, chasing a tide party and becoming the focus of the crowd; There are all kinds of celebrations and festive elements, to this event, let's drink! ... We put the pieces of "pattern" into the cup, shining in the light, the gold foil, into the eyes of the sea of stars. Boy, it seems like all the good stuff is in the drink topper.

In terms of specifications, the beverage drink toppers are packaged in safe aluminum cans with multi-layer sealing and good sealing. Single can of 50 pieces, can not be used up at one time, can be sealed and stored. Air suction rod extraction, no contact, safer. The whole box of gift packaging, personal use or gift, have class. Whether it is sold in stores or pre-packaged, tea companies can prepare a piece for customers.

In terms of value, the beverage drink topper is constantly replaced with a dynamic principle, creating completely different pattern content with the same shape, conveying extremely positive emotions, so that consumers can enjoy the drink at the same time, but also think of their own story, create more story content for the drink, while improving the artistry, help customers increase product sales. In addition, to take the inspiration of the application of the film for candy, we will soon launch a new product of the mouth soluble film, please look forward to it.

About life, about drink topper, everything is good.

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