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About Hescare

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 : Room 08, 19th Floor, Building 9, Guanggu Headquarters International, 62 Guanggu Avenue, East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
 : +86-13554293370
 : +86-(0)2787635567
 : info@hescare.com
Business Philosophy
Integrity first, harmony and win-win
Research and Development Concept
Customer first, continuous innovation
Service Philosophy
Ace quality, sincerely for you
Enterprise Spirit
Health technology
Our Mission
Work hard to improve, improve and protect Chinese food safety
Corporate Vision
Become a world-class biotechnology R&D enterprise
Core Values ​​of the Company
Let biotechnology serve the art of living
Spread Slogan
Bringing together the power of science for human health
Wuhan Kornnac Technology Co., Ltd.

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  #9-1908, Guanggu Headquarters International, No. 62 Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, China
  +86 13296536732
  +86-(0)27-87635567
  info@kornnac.com
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