4 Reasons to choose Filmcare® Edible Film
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4 Reasons to choose Filmcare® Edible Film

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Wuhan Hescare Biological Technology Co., LTD. Candy diaphragm is made of polysaccharide starch, can replace imported frosting paper, is a new film material for making photo candy, star lollipop, cake skirt edge, thinner than frosting paper, smoother surface, clearer printing effect, beautiful color. Approved by FDA, with third-party testing report, selected domestic and foreign well-known brand raw materials, advanced production technology, stable and reliable product quality.


Product features:

1. Independent research and development, instead of import, provide white film, color film, transparent film series, more choices

2. The image is meticulous, the color is beautiful, and the color does not fade for a long time

3. Ideal sheet for making photo candy, star lollipop and cake skirt

4. Provide printing, cutting integrated services, high cost performance

Photo candy, Star Lollipop application:


The printed cartoon, animation and portrait candy film are put on the middle layer of the candy mold (the film has transparent film, translucent film and white film), and then poured with syrup. After solidification, it will become a vivid, funny and interesting photo candy. Suitable for all kinds of candy enterprises. It can be used as an indispensable part of wedding celebration and enterprise publicity.

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