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Star Sugar Edible Membrane Application

Star Lollipop is a creative candy from the United States. There is a beautiful planet pattern in the middle of the sugar ball. The pattern is made of edible film material, surrounded by high-quality natural maltose syrup and isomalt. Made of white sugar. Customized services are also available depending on the pattern. Haijiya industrialized production plant, to meet customer demand, through the edible ink or ink to provide printing services, precise cutting services, meticulous packaging services, directly tear the underlying film when used, put in the candy mold to do the embedded effect . Improve product quality and increase product interest.

Pattern scheme

 Starry series, high-end lollipops;
 Print LOGO, grab festivals, do activities, and promote the best plan for advertising;
 Wedding elements series, business opportunities not to be missed in the wedding market;
 Cute cartoon pattern, locked in core consumer groups
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